Easy Photon Photos Changelog
Last Updated: 12/17/12


  • Initial Public Release
  • Enhancement: Added colorize, smooth, and zoom GET query parameters to media modal
  • Enhancement: Better sanity checks on client and server side for custom post meta
  • Bug Fix (UX Enhancement): Prevented alpha characters in input boxes on client side
  • Bug Fix: Ensured that re-size and fit query parameters are sanitized properly and values are added to query in the proper format


  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where custom post meta was not saved due to “change” event not being triggered on input boxes
  • Enhancement: Added resize, fit, ulb, and filter GET query parameters to media modal
  • Enhancement (JS): Sanity checks on width/height input boxes
  • Bug Fix: Added conditional to check if post meta existed (fixes issue where image was not inserted into editor)


  • Enhancement: Added functionality to modify image source upon “image_send_to_editor” filter to append test GET queries to end of image source attribute


  • Enhancement: Added custom jQuery UI stylesheet
  • Enhancement: Added JS for media modal
  • Enhancement: Created custom fields (“attachment_fields_to_edit”) for width and height GET queries


  • Initial Private Release

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